You are looking for an Independent Director to bolster your Board with:

  • experience gained in one or more other companies
  • specific skills in a particular area
  • a fresh, unbiased view of the Company and its operations.

For more than 20 years Harvey Weston has followed and assisted the careers of several hundred senior executives; successful men and women with different professional profiles and from different fields, such as

  • financial services
  • insurance
  • private equity
  • manufacturing
  • real estate

  • intellectual property and brand
  • sales and distribution
  • infrastructure
  • etc.

The search for non-executive Directors requires a thorough understanding of the company’s needs, an understanding we acquire by

  • ascertaining the dynamics of the Company and its Board of Directors
  • determining, with the Chairman, the competencies required
  • establishing the profile of the ideal Director in a given context.

Subsequently, we make discreet contact with candidates and meet one or more who match the profile. We only present to the chairman, candidates who have fully satisfied us.

As it is the company that retains and remunerates us, there is no danger of a conflict of interest: our sole objective is to find for client a Director who will strengthen the Board and help the Company meet its objectives.

Our partners are members of the Institut Luxembourgeois d’Administrateurs (ILA) and comply with its code of ethics.